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Personal w-inds. Collection

My collection is huge because I've been collecting their goods almost since their debut back in 2001.  I've stopped adding to my collection a while back, and I wouldn't mind parting with a portion of it.  

If you're interested in purchasing anything from my personal collection, please feel free to make me an offer that I can't refuse ^_~.  (But please note that the offers will have to be a lot higher than the prices I'm selling my other w-inds. goods at because I would like to part with those first.)

Concert Pamphlets
1st Message with case
System of Alive with case
Prime of Life with case
7th Avenue
2004 Fan Club Event
2005 Fan Club Event

Photobooks & Fan Books
w-inds. First Pictorial
w-inds. Ryohei First Personal Photobook
w-inds. Keita First Personal Photobook
w-inds. Ryuichi First Personal Photobook
w-inds. "move!"
w-inds. THE STAGE! 1st Live Tour "1st message"
w-inds. Tour Ryohei, Keita, and Ryuichi
w-inds. meets JUNON
w-inds. Live Tour "ageha" The Document
w-inds. vacanza
Yuwaku no Veil Vol. 1
Yuwaku no Veil Vol. 2
w-inds. day Vol. 1-25, 27-28
w-inds. day (Chinese) Vol. 1-6

2 small unofficial Japanese w-inds. photobooks
7 unofficial Chinese w-inds. photobooks (5 large and 2 small)
2 unofficial Keita photobooks
5 Japanese Fan Books
1 Japanese w-inds. FLAME Lead Fan Book
2 Chinese w-inds. Fan Books
4 Chinese Fanfiction/Doujinshi Novels
1 official Japanese post card book
2 unofficial Chinese post card books

w-inds. Piano Books