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Ribon For Sale with Furoku

~2009 Japanese Shojo/Shonen Manga Phonebook Magazine Anthologies with Furoku~

(Ribon 8/09 & 10/09)

Currently on hiatus and will re-open shop in late summer 2013. Thank you for your patience!

Ribon 8/09 Ribon 8/09 $4 for Ribon with no furoku. ($4 for media mail shipping). $6 for Ribon w/ furoku notebooks. ($4 for media mail shipping). $7.50 for Ribon + all furoku. ($6 for parcel shipping). $1 for each notebook. ($1.50 for shipping for 2 notebooks). $3 for giant pen.  ($3 shipping for pen by itself).

For photos of color pages and furoku, please check here:


Ribon 8/09 Ribon 10/09 $4 for Ribon with no furoku. ($4 for media mail shipping). $8 for Ribon w/ all furoku. ($4 for media mail shipping). $1 for furoku stickers pack. ($1 for shipping). $1 for large Momo foil furoku sticker. ($1 for shipping). $4 for furoku memo pad only.  ($2 for shipping). $5.50 for all furoku.  ($2 for shipping).

For photos of color pages and furoku, please check here:


Ribon 8/09 Shonen Magazine Vol. 44 (10/14/2009)



Hi! I'm looking for sakura hime kaden and mistress fortune furoku. Please let me know if you have anything you would be willing to sell to me. Thank you!
Hi, thank you for your interest. I stopped buying Ribon by the time Sakura Hime Kaden started. However, I should still have the Ribon All-Star memo pad from the issue above:

Please let me know if you're interested in that.

Are you looking for furoku from Tanemura-sensei's older series? I do have a lot of furoku from TSKyoko and KKJeanne.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I collect from all Tanemura's series so whatever you have i'd be interested in. :) You wouldn't by chance have anything from Mistress Fortune would you? Since you have older issues of Ribon, if you have anything from st. dragon girl, i'd be interested in that too.
All of my Ribon magazines are stored in boxes, and I stopped subscribing to them around the beginning of Gentlemen's Alliance but still bought issues here and there. I know I have St. Dragon Girl furoku for sure, but I'll have to check whether or not I have any Mistress Fortune furoku. Are there other series you're interested in? I also have Nakayoshi and Ciao magazines from the early 2000s, although not as many as Ribon ones.

Are you interested in the magazines themselves? I have a lot and I wouldn't mind parting with some of them since I don't have time to flip through them anymore ^_^.

Thanks for your interest!
I'm glad to hear that you have st. dragon girl furoku! :) Yes, there are a couple series i'm interested in from nakayoshi and ciao, I just didn't think to ask you about those. From nakayoshi I like tokyo mew mew, pichi pichi pitch and cyber idol mink/ st. tail/ or dream saga, and if you have any clamp or naoko takeuchi items I would like to check those out too. The only series I really collect from ciao is kirarin revolution. l'm not so much interested in the magazines though. I know i'm requesting a lot so take your time getting everything rounded up. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed! ;P one more thing, I have been searching forever for this kamikaze kaito jeanne toiletry set and zenin stationary set so please let me know if you have anything like that. Thank you and have a great day!
Sorry about the super late reply. I've been trying to find time to sort through my boxes of magazines and furoku, but I haven't had a chance to still. I will let you know once I am able to though, and you're welcome to have first dibs. As for the KKJ toiletry set, does it come with a plastic yellow mug?
First dibs are always good! ^^ The toiletry set I'm looking for has a really cute wash cloth. I don't know what all it comes with. I'll probably have to see a pic to know for sure. Whenever you have time, of course! ;)
I would like to buy;
- Ribon 8/09 (With the Furoku)
- Ribon 10/09 With the Furoku)

11600, Malaysia.
How much is it altogether?
Can I pay through paypal?
Hi, I apologize for the late reply. I've been traveling since early June. Shipping to Malaysia will most likely be at least $20 USD for the two Ribon. If you're still interested, please let me know and I'll find the exact shipping costs for you once I'm home in about a week. Thank you for your interest.
I'm super sorry, but I think I'l pass! D:
Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^"