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m3zzop1ano's J-pop, Manga, and Anime Shop

Please buy from, sell to, trade with me!



I simultaneously buy and sell using 3 eBay accounts. They all have 100% feedback (as of Nov. 4, 2009), and I am pretty sure it is within eBay's policies to have multiple accounts.

I will gladly share all of my feedback upon request.

I am a big collector of items from the manga and anime series Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

I like art, so I like to collect items with pictures on them: anime magazines, stationery, clear files, shitajiki, artbooks, trading cards, furoku, etc.

I would be glad to trade for things on my wishlists. I am more reluctant to pay for items on my wishlist unless they are high priority items.

I love to trade, shop, and sell. I keep this store mostly as a hobby and as a way to find loving new homes for items I no longer have time to enjoy. My moral values are very important to me, and I don't recall having ever stolen a single thing in my entire life. Therefore, I request that sellers, buyers, and traders extend the same type of honesty and integrity towards me during trades. That way, everyone is happy with warm fuzzies =D.


The top few posts are public sales posts. If you subscribe to me, I will occasionally post updates when I add new items or reduce prices.

This used to be a personal journal, but I currently don't have plans to blog on a regular basis. Therefore, I won't be adding new friends.


I am on indefinite hiatus from webdesign.

It was one of my favorite hobbies in high school, and I even T.A.-ed the web programming class in university, but with my current life and commitments, it's just unrealistic to say that I will design websites on the side.

Someday, I hope to go back to designing websites, but right now, I just do not have resources to spare, unfortunately =(.

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