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w-inds. Goods for Sale or Trade

~w-inds. Goods~

(Everything w-inds.-related for sale or trade.)

[October 13, 2009 Update: Some clean-up.]

I am open to reasonable offers on most items.  I might have more than 1 of each of the things listed below, so if you would like more than one of the same thing, please ask.

Photos of some items that aren't listed here have been uploaded to my Photobucket account:

Official Concert Goods
2007 Live Tour Photos (Ryohei, Ryuichi, Group) ~$2.00 per photo
2007 Live Tour Sports Towel with Plastic Case ~$20
2006 Live Tour Memo Pad Loose Sheets (6 different designs, 2 sheets of each design) ~$1
2005 Live Tour Posters (2 different posters) ~$10 each

w-inds.day Magazines (includes post/trading cards if volume came with them)
$10 each
Vol. 13
Vol. 14 (x2)
Vol. 15 [Postcard & trading cards only] $5
Vol. 16 (x2)
Vol. 17 (x2)
Vol. 18 (x2)
Vol. 19
Vol. 20 (x2)
Vol. 21
Vol. 22
Vol. 23
Keita Solo Booklet Vol. 1 ~$5
Keita Solo Booklet Vol. 2 ~$5
Keita Solo Booklet Vol. 3 ~$5

Official Pamphlets
2002 Live Tour w/ Oversized Case - used condition ~$30
2003 Live Tour without case ~$25
2003 Live Tour with case ~$30
2004 FC Event - used with small dents on cover ~$15
2005 Live Tour Ageha - like new condition ~$30

Unofficial Pamphlets
$15 each unless otherwise noted
2004 FC Event ~$10
2005 FC Event
2003 Live Tour
2004 Live Tour

Official Photobooks
The Stage - Book only ~ $15

Official DVDs
Private of w-inds. - [JP] Normal Press (Good condition, personal copy) ~ $25

Official VHSs [pic 1, 2]
Works Vol. 1 - [JP] 1st Press + Post Card (Used condition) ~ $8
Works Vol. 2 - [JP] 1st Press + Post Card (Used condition) ~ $12
Works Vol. 3 - [JP] 1st Press + Post Card (Used condition) ~ $12
SoA Tour 2003 - [JP] (Used condition) ~$25

Official Overseas VCDs
Works Vol. 2 - [HK] 1st Press + Post Card [Out of Print] (Good condition, personal copy) ~ $15>
Works Vol. 4 - [TW] 1st Press + Post Card [Out of Print] (Good condition, personal copy) ~ $15>
Works Vol. 5 - [TW] 1st Press + Post Card [Out of Print] (Factory sealed, small crack on the very top of the case) ~ $13
Works Vol. 5 - [TW] 1st Press + Post Card [Out of Print] (Factory sealed) ~ $15
Works Vol. 6 - [TW] 1st Press + Post Card (Factory sealed) ~ $13

Unofficial VCDs  (All have 2 discs, nice cases, + random poster of a Chinese artist; watched once)
Live Tour 2005 (2 discs, but I don't think the backstage stuff is included) ~ $6
Set A w/ BestTracks pic for cover *Rare* (30 video clips to w-inds. songs) ~$7
Set B w/ red Ageha album pic for cover *Rare* (mostly video clips to w-inds. songs plus a few K-pop music videos for a total of 39 videos) ~$7

{I have 2 of Set B.  The discount is $18 for 3 sets or $22 for all 4 sets.}

Albums [pic]
Thanks - [Japan] 1st Press Cover (used) ~ $15
Ageha [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (used) ~ $25
Best Tracks [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (Brand new factory sealed) ~ $35
Best Tracks [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (used and case is cut on the side) ~ $25
Best Tracks [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (used and case is scratched) ~ $20
Best Tracks - [Japan] Normal Press (used but in good condition, no card) ~ $25
Prime of Life - [Japan] 1st Press Cover (used) ~ $15
Tachibana Keita - Koe - [Japan] 1st Press Normal Version (no guitar pick) ~ $25

Singles (all are Japanese versions unless otherwise noted, used but good condition)
Sale: $7 each without 1st press card or $9 with 1st press goods for most of them!
Forever Memories
Feel the Fate
Try Your Emotion (Ryuichi bookmark)
Another Days
Because of You
New Paradise (Keita card)
Super Lover (Ryohei card)
Love is Message (Ryuichi sticker)
Long Road (Ryohei or Ryuichi card)
Pieces (Ryuichi sticker)
Kireida [CD+DVD] - [Taiwan] Normal Press (Case damaged, but otherwise good condition) ~ $12
Kireida [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press w/ Ryuichi Card ~ $15
Shiki - [Japan] Normal Press
Yume no Bashoe (Ryohei or Ryuichi card)
Kawariyuku Sora - [Japan] Normal Press (New in Shrink Wrapping) ~ $12
Izayoi no Tsuki - [Japan] 1st press (Ryohei or Ryuichi puzzle)
Yakusoku no Kakera (Ryohei card)
It's in the Stars [CD+DVD] - [Taiwan] 1st Press ~ $14
It's in the Stars [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press ~ $12
It's in the Stars - [Japan] Normal Press
Trial - [Japan] 1st Press with cards & special back (Ryohei card)
Trial - [Japan] Normal Press
Boogie Woogie 66 - [Japan] Normal Press (Ryuichi card)
Hanamuke [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (new in shrink wrapping)
Hanamuke - [Japan] Normal Press (Ryohei or group photo)
Love is the Greatest Thing [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (new in shrink wrapping) ~ $15
Love is the Greatest Thing - [Japan] Normal Press (Ryuichi or Group photo)
Beautiful Life [CD+DVD] - [Japan] 1st Press (new in shrink wrapping) ~ $15
Beautiful Life - [Japan] Normal Press (with calendar card)

Tachibana Keita - Michishirube [CD+DVD] - [HK] 1st Press (new in shrink wrapping) ~ $13.50
Tachibana Keita - Friend [CD+DVD] - [HK] 1st Press ~ $13.50

The CDs List is a little out of date, so please confirm the availability of the CDs you're interested in. Also, more CDs for lower prices (but in worse condition as well) can be found in this post: http://community.livejournal.com/feel_the_fate/518642.html


These are items that I'm looking for.  I prefer trading but will also buy items which I place a high priority on.  The number of stars * after an item shows my priority in getting them (more stars = higher priority on a scale of 1 to 5 stars).

w-inds. Official Amada Cardass Parts 1 & 2 ***
w-inds. Ageha Tour Good - Purikura album **
w-inds. DVDs (Official Overseas Versions) *


Reserved Items
These items are not for sale at the moment.  If you're interested in purchasing them though, please leave a reply and I will let you know if they become available.



Money sent!
Sorry for the delay <-- Mom didn't tell me she received the invoice :3