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(Ordering Information)

My trading reference: I am willing to share my eBay (460+) feedback ratings with you, just ask.

My Rules:
1) I generally will not hold items. (I may hold items for returning customers, but that's on a case by case basis.)
2) Certain trades are higher priority than sales.
3) Sales are first come, first served unless someone is buying a set (buyer of a set of items has priority), or I am asking for the highest offer.
4) I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I consider suspicious or untrustworthy.
5) Older comments are screened once a transaction is complete or when it seems that the trader is no longer interested in continuing the trade.
6) For trades, unless you have more than 9 positive feedbacks on LiveJournal, I request for you to send your portion of the trade first as "payment".  If you have 10 or more positive feedbacks, then I am willing to mail out my items at about the same time as you.  If you are sending me both items as a trade and money for additional items, I request for you to send out your "payment" in full first.  I am willing to negotiate on trading terms, depending on your feedback rating.

How to Order: Please reply with the following information:
Name / Screen name:
Location (Zip Code):
Email Address (Optional):
Payment Method:
Preferred Shipping Method:

Payment types I accept:
Paypal (Delivery Confirmation included)
Concealed cash in USD (at your own risk and only for orders less than $20 including shipping)
Money Orders
New and UNUSED U.S. postal stamps for small orders.

Shipping Options:
Almost any service the U.S. Postal Office offers for domestic U.S. buyers
Priority Mail only for international buyers (except for lightweight packages which will be sent First Class)

I often list a rough estimate for an item's shipping costs as if you are only buying that one item.  If you buy more than 1 item, there is almost always a combined shipping discount (if I can combine the items in one package).  I don't usually charge for packaging if I can use recycled materials.  I charge actual shipping costs + estimated Paypal fees, rounded to the next even $0.50.

Service Information:
I welcome reasonable offers if you don't like my prices.  Some items I'm willing to discount, while others, I'm not.  The more items you buy, the more willing I am to give you a discount on your entire order.

As much as I would like to provide excellent and speedy service, I can only go to the Post Office on Saturdays.  For purchases paid through Paypal, I can usually print postage without going to the post office.

If you are unsatisfied with any portion of our trade, please contact me first to see if anything could be worked out before you leave negative feedback. Although I cannot accept responsibility for things that are out of my control (i.e., damages caused by the post office), I will do my part to help when possible (i.e., if you purchased insurance, if I made a mistake and sent you the wrong item, if you need help with submitting a claim to the Mail Recovery Center, etc.). 


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